Riding Bridles

  • Western Bridle Western Bridle

    Western Bridle

    This basic, no frills headstall is perfect for everyday use! It features double-stitched bridle leather for maximum durability. Fully adjustable at cheeks and throatlatch to fit most minis/ponies. It comes complete with matching leather reins. Screw bit...

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  • English Riding Bridle English Riding Bridle

    English Riding Bridle

    This traditional snaffle bridle is made with a comfortable, raised browband and noseband that enhances your show horse's head. It's made with durable, standard quality leather and comes complete with matching laced leather reins. Loose ring snaffle bit...

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  • Western Riding Bridle

    Western Riding Bridle

    A great western style riding bridle with silver conchos, buckles and tips. Comes with an O-ring snaffle bit. Very adjustable to fit both "A" and "B" size minis. From 32" to 38" tall. Reins included.

    MSRP: $34.95
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