#140 1000 Denier Winter Blanket

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Our 1000 denier winter blanket is waterproof and rip proof. Warm enough for the coldest winters. You can order with either a velcro front or closed front. Blanket comes with a bellyband with velcro and a tail flap. When ordering, remember the size is the length of the body. Measuring from the center of the chest, around the side to the center of the tail....so half their body length. Made in the U.S.A. by Nanci. We also make special order blankets for donkeys, sheep, goats, zebra and some exotics. Please pick the trim color you would like. Trim colors pictured below. New color added....Teal.


NOTE: Be sure to select size, color and whether you want closed or velcro front. Select a second color choice if your first choice is not available. Allow 2 to 4 days for our sewer to make up. Does not include shipping time.


Due to material shortage, we can not offer blankets at this time.  We do have some colors and

sizes in stock.  Email for information.